Rules for Exes

All bets are off. They ended when you showed me that you didn’t respect my ass no kind of way.


OK so we know my ex is a Fuckboy. That has been established already and he continually makes that label his own. As a matter of fact I swear he has turned Fuckboy into a brand! Like, you all know who the Axe body wash man is, right? From the commercials? You can put him in the shower or on a horse…. No matter where you put him or what he does he is the Axe guy….. Yeah that’s my ex…. He is the Axe man of fuckboys. No matter where he is or what he does he is a FuckBoy first.

OK breathe Missy………. Here is the back story for today’s rant……
Yesterday he sent me a text message needing something from me. I told him his timing did not work and that next week will work for me. Surprisingly, he said OK. End of story, right? NOPE>>>>>> cuz he is the poster child for fuckboys!!!!!!

So today he texted me asking if I am home and “Are you home? Why can’t I come today”. As if the question was somehow not already asked and answered yesterday. (Mind you, he was originally supposed to come over two weeks ago and was a no call-no show! Oh, so now you’re in a hurry? you think your problem is somehow my priority? (Get the fuck outta here!)

In my mind I’m saying…..”Um because Fucker… I told you yesterday when you could come by….WHY is not your fucking business.” Like my momma used to say “because I said so!!!! Shit. And if you keep asking me stupid questions the answer is going to be no, not ever”!!!!!

So I just didn’t respond. I have shit to do, that is so far beyond his comprehension it’s retarded. Besides, I don’t have the patience, desire, or obligation to respond to him on his time about MY LIFE or MY DECISIONS.

So now that ya’ll are up to speed. Here is the PSA – that means Public Service Announcement for those of you with FuckBoy tendencies. It means listen up. You need to know this, it may be helpful to you now or in the future.


When you are in a relationship with someone, explanations typically flow freely. They are an extension of courtesy and symbolic of your level of respect for the other person as well as the relationship. Ones willingness to offer an explanation for decisions or to disclose schedule plans etc. demonstrates that you recognize there are two people in this thing and that a decision by one, may impact the other. It is a respect thing, not an obligation thing. I know some of ya’ll get that shit twisted.

So Dear EX,

Here is the main Rule of Exes…… Now that the relationship is over….. All of that is GONE!!!!! All bets are off. They ended when you showed me that you didn’t respect my ass no kind of way. So now that we aren’t together I will return the sentiment. What you need to know is that not only do I not have to explain shit, I am not even required to respond to your ass. Let’s be very clear….I never OWED you shit to begin with. I did it out of courtesy and respect for what I thought existed but you confirmed never did. So now that I am free of you and your bullshit it is imperative you that understand the rule of Exes….It goes like this, I will do what the fuck I want, when the fuck I want to do it. If I choose to respond to you, I will do so on my time, at my convenience. NOT YOURS!!!! What I do or don’t do is My Bizness not your Bizness. So for this to work right, you mind yours and I will continue minding mine. NO questions from you to me should begin with WHO, WHAT, WHEN OR WHERE…. And honestly HOW is pushing it.

Hopefully that clears things up for many of you. Below is a shareable version of the rules! Enjoy.

This has been a #NovaNewsflash brought to you by The Original Supernova

And just remember……

People Lie Too Damn Much

And that is the problem with relationships today. Nobody says what the f#$% they mean

What the hell. I was just thinking about relationships. Not just intimate relationships but even friendships. Then I started to think about why I keep to myself so much. It’s because shit ain’t balanced. Like wayyyy the fuck uneven. Part of that’s my fault though. Why? Because I tell the truth and want other people to do the same. I have learned that seldom happens, but hey I’m a fucking optimist ok👍👍👍

For instance, when I say I GOT YOU. Then I mean I fuckin’ GOTCHO ASS! Like I’m all in. 

When I say I’m not doing something… Then I mean save your breath, respect my time, find something better to do with yours and shut the fuck up about it because no matter what you say I AIN’T FUCKING DOING IT!

Likewise if I say I Love You….. Then I really mean that shit! You won’t ever have to doubt it because it becomes part of who I am to SHOW YOU!!! 

And that is the fucking problem with fucking relationships today. Nobody says what the fuck they mean. Everybody is too busy pussyfooting around peoples feelings and worrying about what the hell the chicas and the homies are gonna think instead of just being real. Damnnnnn is that too much to ask? 

Like seriously though, is it? 

It’s like being in an episode of The Real World and waiting on when people are gonna stop being polite and start getting real…. But they never do. Fuck Yo.. Just say what you mean and do what you say. 

Like take during sex for example…. Ladies, Have you ever had a guy ask you “is this my 🐺pussy🐺?”and what did you say???? Probably some “yes baby” or some “its yours daddy” type of shit right? And dontchu sit here and lie either!!!!! You know you did. 

Well  how about you try telling the fucking truth next time his ass ask you that dumb shit. (I promise it will happen eventually) Now, not to tell you all my bizness but on some #SuperNovaForReal type shit this is what I say every time….”NO!” 😂😂 

I swear to you I Do…. So then he’s like “then who’s 🐺pussy🐺 is it?” Me: “MINE’ then he really tries to go hard in it like that changes shit. Look fellas, you can fuck as hard as you want for as long as you can and it still ain’t shifting the control of the #SuperNovaPussy over to you!

Real shit! Aint nobody ever stopped fucking because I told the truth either. 🍆🍆🍆🍆

But ladies look yall be on that bullshit tooooo!!!! Asking trap questions. Like do I look fat? Girl go ask the mirror and find your own answer.

But wait, Fellas you ever had a chick ask you before you’re about to smash…. “Do you ❤love❤ me”?  Or wait what about this one???… “But will you respect me after”? And what lie did you tell??????? You said “YES, HELL YEAH, YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU AND RESPECT YOU BABY”

Lies, lies, lies all fucking lies… No you don’t.  You want some ass and saying yes is a detour that honesty probably won’t get you to! 

Look y’all just tell the truth. Relationships are fucked up because people lie. They waste each others time trying to say the “right” thing instead of the “real” thing. 

Honesty may take longer but at least then, you know where you stand and how you ended up where you are. 

Fellas don’t say I love you when you ain’t ready to do LOVE YOU shit. Ladies don’t ask him if he loves you, require that he show you that he does. And vice versa. If I have to ASK anyone if they love me…. I already have my answer….. They don’t. 

Aiight that’s it for today… I need a 🍸  or 🍸  🍸  🍸 

Fuckboys and Facebook

There should be a button on Facebook that allows you to flag a Fuckboy post.

Fuuuuuuck!!!!!! Keep the Fuckboys off of the Book!!!!

Y’all laughing but I am soooo serious tho!!!!

There should be a button on Facebook that allows you to flag a Fuckboy post. You  can add it on the little choice list with the like button.

You know something like….

Ya feel me?  Then after so many 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆  they’re profile has a permanent cover photo that says WARNING… YOU ARE ENTERING A HAZARDOUS AREA. KNOWN FUCKBOY ON DECK! 

That way innocent chicks can track the Fuckboy count and won’t unknowingly drink the  Hennesey laced koolaid or buy the non existent lifestyles of the Fuckboy Exteaordinnaire.  

Now I know there’s some thirsty ass broads just dyin’ for an opportunity to take their shots. Even with a 🍆 count  well over 990…. But that’s none of my bizness. (Don’t look at me all Fucked up YOU KNOW DAMN WELL THAT SHIT IS TRUE!)
And I’m not selfish, I wanna protect the masses. So this can also be used as a warning system for the homies…..Like, if you’re a good guy living a grown man type of life, but your homie is a fuckboy on fleek….. You miiiiight wanna distance yourself before you are named guilty by association.

Look, here’s what pisses me the fuck off. AFTER I became Fuckboy free all his friends, homies, and some of his family all the sudden wanna say… “We wandered why you were with him” & “I told u he wasn’t shit”.!.!.!

Had I known he had a 250,000 🍆count I would have ran in opposite direction, changed my name, said I was married, a lesbian or transgender…. Dayumm, and anything else I could do or say to avoid his ass!

No no no no no!!!! What they said was “wow he’s changed alot”  and “oooh I can’t believe you got him to settle down” 
Get the fuck outta here! For everyone who knew and didn’t tell me, they should have to commit 6 months of their life to living with the same Fuckboy bullshit that I had to endure as punishment for their silence. Then figure for themselves how to get out of it just like I had to do.

Ok shit! That’s not even what I came here to talk about. I’m just so annoyed by the blatant fuckery! 

No, what started this tangent was me being on FB and seeing the “Lifestyles of the Fuckboys and Not-Famous” flossing like they really got some shit to offer…. But the pics he was using to sway the masses are from when he was using me…

I wanted to be like “ummm boo boo,  you know love don’t live here no more and neither do you. So please stop flexing for  The Book!” 

And the I wanted to tell his groupies “FYI…That’s my chair he’s sitting in, at my house, on my patio… I fell for the smoke and mirrors too, don’t feel bad. But he’s a Fuckboy!… You have been warned and… You’re welcome. You can Thank me later cuz I know you ain’t gonna believe me right now”

Of course I didn’t but that is when I had my idea…. 

Slut Like Tendencies

So I really wanna talk a minute about Single men post relationship vs. Single women post relationship and the bullshit assed double standards that are at play. That shit is 50 shades of fucked up

Maaaaan, I had forgotten how fucking awesome being single is. Now I can appreciate how an inmate must feel on his release date. 

Okay, wait before the sensitive ass people, (who probably shouldn’t be following me anyway) get their panties in a wad…. Lemme say this. I already know that not that all relationships are bad, but mine have all sucked monkey nuts. Anyways fuck it…. I’m gonna save that for another day. 

So I really wanna talk a minute about Single men post relationship vs. Single women post relationship and the bullshit assed double standards that are at play. That shit is 50 shades of fucked up and I’m not feeling it one bit.

Back in the day Cyndi Lauper had a hit song called “Girls just wanna have fun” I think if she wrote it today she’d have called it “Girls just wanna fuck too”  Okayyyyy, maybe that’s a stretch but you know what the hell I’m getting at. (And by all means, don’t comment or email me asking who she is. My name Missy, not Google, go look that shit up.) But back to my point…..

When guys get free, their encouraged to do them, have some drinks, go out, get some ass and enjoy being single. #NovaNewsflash… That fucker was doing that shit long before he was single!! And 9 out of 10 of y’all knew about it!

When girls get free, we’re told to take it slow, enjoy our time alone, reconnect with our inner core, and decide what we want from the next relationship.Wait, whaaaaat? No you didn’t!

Ummm as the proud single Ex of the world’s oldest Fuckboy…. I say “fuck what yall talkin bout!” Y’all can go sit down with that bullshit. I’m tryna have fun! I had TIME to get in touch with my core and figure out what the fuck I want while his bum ass was off doing fuckboy shit and thinking I was a fool. Me, personally, I used my alone time IN THE RELATIONSHIP to get my head straight. Hahaha that’s why I’m single! #BoyBye
Honestly, I do prefer to have a regular source for the🍆🍆🍆🍆. It limits complications and requires less  management. But look, shit happens sometimes and a 🍆🍆🍆🍆on standby is sometimes required to tame the 🐱🐱🐱🐱. (PSA:protect the kitty, fuck responsibly)

 Here’s what I want you to know about the single girls taking their own needs into control…. They’re not sluts, their more like, bachelorettes! They just have slut like tendencies. 😎😎😎 The grown and sexy bachelorette knows how to handle her business, get the 🍆🍆🍆🍆when she wants it, put the shit on pause when she doesn’t, and still look like a lady in the streets. Bachelorettes like their lives, men, and sex drama free! Sluts on the other hand, lack all of the above. They have no business to speak of, take the dick when and where they can get it, along with any ensuing bullshit that may be tired to it.  For them, the word lady is a noun not a verb. It conjours up images in their minds of their grannies in rocking chairs!

Soooo, please stop judging the girls that have survived the fuckboy bullshit and come out the other side knowing what they want and how to get it on their own terms. 

After all, girls just wanna have fun! Just like boys do!

Finding that Middle Ground

Ok I ain’t a saint, sometimes being fresh out of fucks to give is exactly what some people deserve

As I reflect on the past few years  I must admit I’ve come a long way on my growth journey. I also must admit, I’ve got a long road ahead yet to be explored. 

I’m grateful I’ve made it this far! As I prepare to say good damn riddance to 2016 and all it’s fucked up memories, I am thinking about my main personal growth objectives for the upcoming year. For me, that means learning to find that middle ground with personal relationships! 

What I do know. is that not everyone is worthy of, or prepared to receive my best. That’s been demonstrated repeatedly, to the point it’s become a hindrance to my success. 

For the most part I either care too much or not at all. Both are dangerous places for me. The first usually ends up hurting me and the latter I end up unintentionally hurting someone else. Ok I ain’t a saint, sometimes being fresh out of fucks to give is exactly what some people deserve and I’m more than willing to oblige them. Who gives a shit about their feelings. See that’s why that’s dangerous. But to those individuals, whom I will just refer to as the exes. (EX-friends, EX-lovers, EX-husband, EXwhatever, You get the point!) Fresh out of fucks is what I am for them and fresh out I shall remain. 

But in the new year I’m gonna really work on my fuck distribution. I promise, I really am. Now don’t go getting all excited and expect for me suddenly change up cuz that ain’t happening. I’m just gonna try to be more selective on the front end fucks. So in 2017 I shall keep my fucks to myself until people earn them. That way I don’t end up getting fucked in the back end… (hahaha yall catch that?)
#NovaNewsFlash #FreshOuttaFucks 

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates

And people are like those little tiny pieces filled with a bunch of shit you don’t know about till it’s too late

Yup, but you already know I ain’t no Forrest Gump…and if you seen me you’d know I ain’t running nowhere!

Yeah life IS like a Box of chocolates! And  people are like those little tiny pieces filled with a bunch of shit you don’t know about till it’s too late! Now you gotta choose…spit or swallow? 

(NOW if y’all take that spit or swallow comment some place nasty that’s ALL ON YOU)

Anyways, like I was about to say before y’all went THERE….. Just like chocolate candies, only an assorted few in the box, are anything you wanna keep around. 

There’s the rare speciality ones that are just too good to be true and you will do anything to save and preserve those relationships. That’s that good shit and there’s only like one or two per lifetime. 

A few of the pieces are alright in small quantities. But you could just as easily pass for a Snickers bar which is guaranteed to satisfy! (don’t go there!! Stop it… damn see y’all are really nasty)

 Okay I’m back…  then there’s a few more that you will deal with if that’s all that’s hanging around… It’s better than starving I suppose? Maybe not!

The rest, you might as well toss ’em out with the sour milk and molded bread. They look good on the outside but they’re full of shit and the tiniest piece is guaranteed to make you sick.  Those are the ones that will have you wanting to rethink your very decision to bring ’em home in the first damn place.

I say all of that to say… I’m looking back at my last couple exes and a few frenemies and thinking…. Where the hell have I been shopping to get full boxes if shitty chocolates???  The deep clearance shelf at the chocolate factory outlet????? 

I gotta do better!  

#ChocolateChallenge   Think about your friends, acquaintances and exes and tell me what kind of chocolates are in your box?… Then leave me a comment so I know if it’s just me or if it’s the world and all the boxes are jacked up.

I want a refund!!!

Just say fuck it, and mean it!

That’s my mood about a whole lot of shit right now. I’m nothing, if not consistent!

You know I realized the other day that “fuck” is probably in of my most frequently used words. It is so applicable to so many scenarios. 

Burn dinner…. FUCK IT

Clothes don’t fit… FUCK IT 

Late for work… FUCK IT

Bitches taking shit…FUCK IT

Spouse/ Insignificant other cheating… FUCK IT (oh in this case FUCK THEM TOO)

Yep “FUCK” is by far the most resourceful tool in my vocabulary to happiness tool box. To me, fuck it is my permission to move beyond the drama, bullshit, pain, and frustrations that may otherwise hold me hostage  to anger, resentment and self doubt.

For example…. I was in my closet today…. And as Sophia said in The Color Purple… “I was feeling down and low, I was feelin.mighty bad”…  Because sometime between last winter and now all of my FUCKing clothes shrank on the hangers. I checked the labels and they said hang to dry, so I did… Nowhere did the label say do not consume wine, cheesecake, or tacos or this shit will shrink… So I feel duped. Well fat and duped actually. Naked too, but I don’t wanna scare you, so ignore that part. Fuck my life, fuck my closet and fuck my clothes.. FUCK IT ALL! 

That’s my mood about a whole lot of shit right now. I’m nothing, if not consistent!

My point is this, had the hangers accosted my clothes the way they did, and I not have learned to say FUCK IT, I’d be fucked!  I’d have been in the closet, naked and alone in tears. Boobs on knees, curled up in a ball wishing I’d never had the tacos, wine, margaritas, nachos, cheesecake, pasta, French fries, pizza or beer…(Damn that looks bad in writing) ughhhh Fuck it!
 Instead, I looked in my drawer, found some workout pants (that used to be too big, guess they shrank to)  and left for the respite of the nail salon as planned! After all, I say fuck everything.if you can’t at least have wine, cheesecake and tacos over the holidays. Tacos are life and wine makes it worth living.

So I  encourage you to practice as you go. Say FUCK IT as you see fit. Do it, say it and mean it unapologetically. At least till January when resolutions to lose weight start….

If so, I might be able to fit my underwear by spring!  If not we can resume Fuck it season again in March when we all trick off  our resolutions.
Well I feel better now getting that all out in the open. Confessions good for the soul. 
What’s your FUCK IT moment for this week?