Fuck Boy 101 – Lessons 1 & 2

Listen up Bruh!  I have RAISED AND TRAINED better fuck boys than you will ever become. Shit at this point had you asked, I would have trained your monkey ass too so you don’t just do dumb shit that makes both of us look bad when I gotta tell the damn story.


OK I already know the title alone has either grabbed you or repelled you. Honestly, I don’t much give a shit. That is my mood right now. Take it or leave it BUT, I do kinda hope you stick around for a bit and check this bullshit out. 


Well the blog isn’t bullshit but this most recent fuck boy stunt is bullshit for sure!!!! I’m telling you as creative as I normally am, I SWEAR YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!!!!!!! NO FUCKIN’ WAY!!! You may be able to SAVE A FUCK BOY TODAY by reading this and sharing it.


I always thought from past experience that fuck boys are usually young, a bit wet behind the ears, eager to please, with a guaranteed hard dick and not much else going for them. Long on ego, short on smarts. I know I sound like a complete bitch but again, I don’t much give a shit right now.

Anyway, HAAAHAAAHAAA guess what I learned yesterday. A mother fucker can be in his late 40’s still be a FUCK BOY!!!!!! . Oh, wait though, not just any kind of fuck boy, LMAO!!! A sloppy assed, new acting, mother fucker-you-should-know-better type of fuck boy!!! AT 47???? Really dude. Gosh dammit…. especially when, what is now your EX (but your bitch ass hasn’t gotten your own place yet) is a bright, successful, ambitious, no non-sense grown assed, real woman. Mutha Fukkr!!!!! You should have phoned a fucking friend before you tried fuck boy shit on a real woman.


Listen up Bruh!  I have RAISED AND TRAINED better fuck boys than you will ever become. Shit at this point had you asked, I would have trained your monkey ass too so you don’t just do dumb shit that makes both of us look bad when I gotta tell the damn story. Here is the thing, young fuck boys are open, teachable and always deliver the D. They know their role, understand the job and play their fucking part without trying to run shit. As an OLD ASSED FUCK BOY, you still need to do the same shit. Play your fucking role, cuz you don’t run shit up in this piece. You have a grown woman standing before you and as a grown woman I know how to let a man be a man, fall back and let you shine. Make no mistakes though darling. While you are content being the head, I will always be the neck. Fuck boys probably won’t understand that, but check this out…. this is written communication and Fuck boys don’t read!!!! Hahahahahah maybe I need to insert a video for FUCK BOY 101 LESSONS.  That shit will fo sho be pay per view.
Here is your free preview for you and all The Fuck Boys that you know.

FUCK BOY lesson 1 – AIN’T SHIT FREE !  While your monkey ass sitting around thinking you running shit and getting over cuz you living up in a house with a woman getting meals cooked and pussy on demand and barely covering half the bills. Remember this, you think you getting over but to a real woman that is the cost she is willing to pay for companionship and good dick. So, when you stop providing good dick AND you creating problems, you gotta go you! That is like a price increase and we don’t do that here! The Queen sets the prices in the Queendom.

Now what I will tell you, is it is possible to graduate from Fuck Boy to Full Time “that’s my man” status but doing fuck boy shit in your 40’s ain’t gonna getcha there boo boo.

FUCK BOY lesson 2  SUN STILL SHINES ON A DOG’S ASS Now if you have little or no fuck boy experience that may seem a tad strange. Allow me to explain….. A dog’s ass is still a dog’s ass, rain, shine or shade. Meaning a FUCK BOY is still a FUCK BOY regardless of race, age or impression. See I just got fooled by a grown ass FUCK BOY. I knew we were on different levels and I knew we came from two different worlds, but I thought we could overcome the differences and the obstacles. However, that is because I thought in the beginning that he was a grown ass man. He said the right things, did the right stuff while we were dating, and convinced me that we could make this thing long term. Lemme confess. I fell for it. but this is what ya’ll gotta understand. A dog’s ass is still a dog’s ass and once the sun shines on it, it will always show up to be exactly what it has always been. A DOG’S ASS aka a FUCK BOY! and sure as shit stinks that is exactly what he has done. But he is so sloppy that it may actually be an insult an embarrassment to the more defined Fuck Boys around the globe.

For real tho…. I have…..no time for FUCK BOYS especially not an old sloppy one! 

Tune in later for the FUCK BOY SAGA along with lessons 3 & 4 I’m telling you, ya’ll ain’t gonna believe this shit!



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