Just say fuck it, and mean it!

That’s my mood about a whole lot of shit right now. I’m nothing, if not consistent!


You know I realized the other day that “fuck” is probably in of my most frequently used words. It is so applicable to so many scenarios. 

Burn dinner…. FUCK IT

Clothes don’t fit… FUCK IT 

Late for work… FUCK IT

Bitches taking shit…FUCK IT

Spouse/ Insignificant other cheating… FUCK IT (oh in this case FUCK THEM TOO)

Yep “FUCK” is by far the most resourceful tool in my vocabulary to happiness tool box. To me, fuck it is my permission to move beyond the drama, bullshit, pain, and frustrations that may otherwise hold me hostage  to anger, resentment and self doubt.

For example…. I was in my closet today…. And as Sophia said in The Color Purple… “I was feeling down and low, I was feelin.mighty bad”…  Because sometime between last winter and now all of my FUCKing clothes shrank on the hangers. I checked the labels and they said hang to dry, so I did… Nowhere did the label say do not consume wine, cheesecake, or tacos or this shit will shrink… So I feel duped. Well fat and duped actually. Naked too, but I don’t wanna scare you, so ignore that part. Fuck my life, fuck my closet and fuck my clothes.. FUCK IT ALL! 

That’s my mood about a whole lot of shit right now. I’m nothing, if not consistent!

My point is this, had the hangers accosted my clothes the way they did, and I not have learned to say FUCK IT, I’d be fucked!  I’d have been in the closet, naked and alone in tears. Boobs on knees, curled up in a ball wishing I’d never had the tacos, wine, margaritas, nachos, cheesecake, pasta, French fries, pizza or beer…(Damn that looks bad in writing) ughhhh Fuck it!
 Instead, I looked in my drawer, found some workout pants (that used to be too big, guess they shrank to)  and left for the respite of the nail salon as planned! After all, I say fuck everything.if you can’t at least have wine, cheesecake and tacos over the holidays. Tacos are life and wine makes it worth living.

So I  encourage you to practice as you go. Say FUCK IT as you see fit. Do it, say it and mean it unapologetically. At least till January when resolutions to lose weight start….

If so, I might be able to fit my underwear by spring!  If not we can resume Fuck it season again in March when we all trick off  our resolutions.
Well I feel better now getting that all out in the open. Confessions good for the soul. 
What’s your FUCK IT moment for this week?

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