Fuckboys and Facebook

There should be a button on Facebook that allows you to flag a Fuckboy post.


Fuuuuuuck!!!!!! Keep the Fuckboys off of the Book!!!!

Y’all laughing but I am soooo serious tho!!!!

There should be a button on Facebook that allows you to flag a Fuckboy post. You  can add it on the little choice list with the like button.

You know something like….

Ya feel me?  Then after so many πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†  they’re profile has a permanent cover photo that says WARNING… YOU ARE ENTERING A HAZARDOUS AREA. KNOWN FUCKBOY ON DECK! 

That way innocent chicks can track the Fuckboy count and won’t unknowingly drink the  Hennesey laced koolaid or buy the non existent lifestyles of the Fuckboy Exteaordinnaire.  

Now I know there’s some thirsty ass broads just dyin’ for an opportunity to take their shots. Even with a πŸ† count  well over 990…. But that’s none of my bizness. (Don’t look at me all Fucked up YOU KNOW DAMN WELL THAT SHIT IS TRUE!)
And I’m not selfish, I wanna protect the masses. So this can also be used as a warning system for the homies…..Like, if you’re a good guy living a grown man type of life, but your homie is a fuckboy on fleek….. You miiiiight wanna distance yourself before you are named guilty by association.

Look, here’s what pisses me the fuck off. AFTER I became Fuckboy free all his friends, homies, and some of his family all the sudden wanna say… “We wandered why you were with him” & “I told u he wasn’t shit”.!.!.!

Had I known he had a 250,000 πŸ†count I would have ran in opposite direction, changed my name, said I was married, a lesbian or transgender…. Dayumm, and anything else I could do or say to avoid his ass!

No no no no no!!!! What they said was “wow he’s changed alot”  and “oooh I can’t believe you got him to settle down” 
Get the fuck outta here! For everyone who knew and didn’t tell me, they should have to commit 6 months of their life to living with the same Fuckboy bullshit that I had to endure as punishment for their silence. Then figure for themselves how to get out of it just like I had to do.

Ok shit! That’s not even what I came here to talk about. I’m just so annoyed by the blatant fuckery! 

No, what started this tangent was me being on FB and seeing the “Lifestyles of the Fuckboys and Not-Famous” flossing like they really got some shit to offer…. But the pics he was using to sway the masses are from when he was using me…

I wanted to be like “ummm boo boo,  you know love don’t live here no more and neither do you. So please stop flexing for  The Book!” 

And the I wanted to tell his groupies “FYI…That’s my chair he’s sitting in, at my house, on my patio… I fell for the smoke and mirrors too, don’t feel bad. But he’s a Fuckboy!… You have been warned and… You’re welcome. You can Thank me later cuz I know you ain’t gonna believe me right now”

Of course I didn’t but that is when I had my idea…. 

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