Rules for Exes

All bets are off. They ended when you showed me that you didn’t respect my ass no kind of way.


OK so we know my ex is a Fuckboy. That has been established already and he continually makes that label his own. As a matter of fact I swear he has turned Fuckboy into a brand! Like, you all know who the Axe body wash man is, right? From the commercials? You can put him in the shower or on a horse…. No matter where you put him or what he does he is the Axe guy….. Yeah that’s my ex…. He is the Axe man of fuckboys. No matter where he is or what he does he is a FuckBoy first.

OK breathe Missy………. Here is the back story for today’s rant……
Yesterday he sent me a text message needing something from me. I told him his timing did not work and that next week will work for me. Surprisingly, he said OK. End of story, right? NOPE>>>>>> cuz he is the poster child for fuckboys!!!!!!

So today he texted me asking if I am home and “Are you home? Why can’t I come today”. As if the question was somehow not already asked and answered yesterday. (Mind you, he was originally supposed to come over two weeks ago and was a no call-no show! Oh, so now you’re in a hurry? you think your problem is somehow my priority? (Get the fuck outta here!)

In my mind I’m saying…..”Um because Fucker… I told you yesterday when you could come by….WHY is not your fucking business.” Like my momma used to say “because I said so!!!! Shit. And if you keep asking me stupid questions the answer is going to be no, not ever”!!!!!

So I just didn’t respond. I have shit to do, that is so far beyond his comprehension it’s retarded. Besides, I don’t have the patience, desire, or obligation to respond to him on his time about MY LIFE or MY DECISIONS.

So now that ya’ll are up to speed. Here is the PSA – that means Public Service Announcement for those of you with FuckBoy tendencies. It means listen up. You need to know this, it may be helpful to you now or in the future.


When you are in a relationship with someone, explanations typically flow freely. They are an extension of courtesy and symbolic of your level of respect for the other person as well as the relationship. Ones willingness to offer an explanation for decisions or to disclose schedule plans etc. demonstrates that you recognize there are two people in this thing and that a decision by one, may impact the other. It is a respect thing, not an obligation thing. I know some of ya’ll get that shit twisted.

So Dear EX,

Here is the main Rule of Exes…… Now that the relationship is over….. All of that is GONE!!!!! All bets are off. They ended when you showed me that you didn’t respect my ass no kind of way. So now that we aren’t together I will return the sentiment. What you need to know is that not only do I not have to explain shit, I am not even required to respond to your ass. Let’s be very clear….I never OWED you shit to begin with. I did it out of courtesy and respect for what I thought existed but you confirmed never did. So now that I am free of you and your bullshit it is imperative you that understand the rule of Exes….It goes like this, I will do what the fuck I want, when the fuck I want to do it. If I choose to respond to you, I will do so on my time, at my convenience. NOT YOURS!!!! What I do or don’t do is My Bizness not your Bizness. So for this to work right, you mind yours and I will continue minding mine. NO questions from you to me should begin with WHO, WHAT, WHEN OR WHERE…. And honestly HOW is pushing it.

Hopefully that clears things up for many of you. Below is a shareable version of the rules! Enjoy.

This has been a #NovaNewsflash brought to you by The Original Supernova

And just remember……

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