Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates

And people are like those little tiny pieces filled with a bunch of shit you don’t know about till it’s too late


Yup, but you already know I ain’t no Forrest Gump…and if you seen me you’d know I ain’t running nowhere!

Yeah life IS like a Box of chocolates! And  people are like those little tiny pieces filled with a bunch of shit you don’t know about till it’s too late! Now you gotta choose…spit or swallow? 

(NOW if y’all take that spit or swallow comment some place nasty that’s ALL ON YOU)

Anyways, like I was about to say before y’all went THERE….. Just like chocolate candies, only an assorted few in the box, are anything you wanna keep around. 

There’s the rare speciality ones that are just too good to be true and you will do anything to save and preserve those relationships. That’s that good shit and there’s only like one or two per lifetime. 

A few of the pieces are alright in small quantities. But you could just as easily pass for a Snickers bar which is guaranteed to satisfy! (don’t go there!! Stop it… damn see y’all are really nasty)

 Okay I’m back…  then there’s a few more that you will deal with if that’s all that’s hanging around… It’s better than starving I suppose? Maybe not!

The rest, you might as well toss ’em out with the sour milk and molded bread. They look good on the outside but they’re full of shit and the tiniest piece is guaranteed to make you sick.  Those are the ones that will have you wanting to rethink your very decision to bring ’em home in the first damn place.

I say all of that to say… I’m looking back at my last couple exes and a few frenemies and thinking…. Where the hell have I been shopping to get full boxes if shitty chocolates???  The deep clearance shelf at the chocolate factory outlet????? 

I gotta do better!  

#ChocolateChallenge   Think about your friends, acquaintances and exes and tell me what kind of chocolates are in your box?… Then leave me a comment so I know if it’s just me or if it’s the world and all the boxes are jacked up.

I want a refund!!!