​The Fuckboy Formula

Remind yourself that dick is a dime a dozen and good dick may cost u 20 cents at best.


I have no idea where this shit comes from but I was just thinking about how fuckboys become fuckboys. 
As women we wrongfully blame ourselves and absorb responsibility for a great deal of the bullshit that fuckboys Put us through. But on the real though, if you look at their history, they were fuckboys when we inherited them. So back to the question….. 

There is a fuckboy formula…..

Great Dick + Bad Attitude – Respect = Fuckboy

Ok so I will be the first to admit Good Dick is a distraction. That’s probably how I got caught up this last time. The dick was fire, his attitude however outside the bedroom…. Sucked monkey balls!!! I just wasn’t paying attention! As for the respect factor. Level 0. 

He was a fuckboy in every form of the word. 

So how do you escape the fuckboy grasp……

1.  Disengage from the dick.

Remind yourself that dick is a dime a dozen and good dick may cost u 20 cents at best. Fuckboy dick however, will cost u your peace of mind and your happiness. As long as he thinks his dick will keep you content you will be fighting a losing battle. #NovaNewsflash …It ain’t THAT DAMN GREAT BRUH!!!

2.   Get a good quality dildo.

This will get you over the ‘hump’ no pun intended (but that shit is funny). Just like guys sometime we just need to get one or three off and a good dildo with fresh batteries will do the job just fine. Its quicker, quieter, no breakfast required, and no bullshit to be dealt with!

3. Take off the fucking rose colored glasses

See the fuckboy shit for what it is and stop blaming yourself and making excuses. Its not your imagination. Fuckboys are real and they will use you up and leave you high and dry as soon as your perceived value runs out.

4.  Remember your worth!!!!

Fuuuuck this is the key though… stop waiting, hoping, wishing that someone will do for you what you are capable of doing for.yourself. LOVING YOU!!!!! Now look. I aint judging, cuz yall know I got caught in the fuckboy game. But as soon as I recognized it I told the fucker he gotsta go!!! Not months or years later. DAYS!!

I never asked him to change, I never asked him to be anything other than the fuckboy he was. I loved me enough to say #BoyBye!

5.  STOCK UP!!! 

Never leave home wothout it. **Warning the gonna call you a stuck.up bitch but guess what…..THEY’RE IRRELEVANT!!